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NanoBark™ Collar


Small dogs pack a big personality, and now they have a bark collar to match! The NanoBark™ Collar is the world’s smallest, low-profile and lightweight bark collar. With the size and weight of your favorite smartwatch, NanoBark reminds your dog that, no, he doesn’t need to bark at the mail carrier while you’re at work. Built to withstand a splash or a rugged road trip, this innovative dog bark collar is perfect for life at home and on the go. Simply put, bark collars just got a major upgrade.

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The Next Generation of Bark Collars for Dogs

Our team of engineers is always looking for ways to innovate and bring more joy to households worldwide. With years of research and development, we've revolutionized the design of bark collars with NanoBark. This ultra-compact bark collar prioritizes comfort, reliability, and durability without sacrificing the outstanding results pet parents have come to expect from PetSafe over the years.

A Perfect Fit for Yappy Dogs

NanoBark is the perfect fit for toy and small to medium-sized dogs. The low-profile fit makes it a must-have no-bark collar, ensuring quiet walks even in busy neighborhoods. Before you buy, measure your dog’s neck with a flexible tape measure to ensure NanoBark is a good fit. If his neck measures 13 in. or less, you’re good to go!

Perfect Bark® Tech: Customized for Your Dog

With Perfect Bark technology, NanoBark collar learns your dog’s barking habits. It detects and responds exclusively to your dog's bark, ignoring other noises like nearby barking friends. By learning your dog's vocal patterns, NanoBark adjusts through 10 stimulation levels, ensuring minimal correction is applied.

Rechargeable and Ready for Adventure

NanoBark is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, ensuring your dog’s anti-bark collar is always ready to use. Depending on your dog’s barking habits, NanoBark can last up to 40 hours! Plus, its waterproof design lets you enjoy worry-free walks in the rain, complete with puddle splashing.

Your pet deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.

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How does the NanoBark™ Collar work?

The NanoBark Collar uses 10 levels of static correction to remind your dog to stop barking. Corrections begin at a low level and increase until barking stops. The unique safety feature prevents false corrections, ensuring the best possible training experience for your pet.

What is the smallest neck size the NanoBark Collar fits?

To ensure a proper fit, it’s best to measure the circumference of your dog’s neck with a flexible tape measure before purchase. As long as your dog’s neck measures between 6” and 13” exactly, the NanoBark will fit your dog.

I need a NanoBark for each of my dogs. Will one dog’s bark trigger the other dog’s collar too?

NanoBark will not be activated by the barking of other pets. It will only detect and respond to the bark of the pet wearing the collar.

  • World's smallest bark collar for dogs
  • Fits toy and small-to-medium-size dogs with neck sizes 6 in. to 13.00 in.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery for long-lasting use
  • 40 hours of battery life depending on barking habits
  • Waterproof for indoor and outdoor use
  • 10 levels of static correction to effectively reduce barking
  • Collar dimensions: 6.2 in x 2.8 in x 6.4 in
  • Lightweight and low-profile design for comfortable wear
  • Quick and easy setup with included USB charging cable and Quick Start Guide